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Ballymena Shamrock CSC has the following rules which determines the allocation of tickets for both home and away fixtures, explains the advantages of club season packages and what standards are set on the coach. Club coaches start all over Counties Antrim and Derry, picking up in Ballymena and finally at the ferry terminal. Throughout the season we bring over different youth groups, if your interest in taking a youth group to Celtic Park from the Ballymena area then fill out the form on the Contact Page.

For the 2009 – 2010 season the committee purpose that any member/group wishing to travel to a fixture has to book in at least 14 days before (a text message will be send prior to each fixture) and pay at least 7 days before the fixture. Failure to do so will mean joining the bottom of the booking list.

At last years AGM the Family Transfer Scheme was brought back into place with one family transfer per season. This transfer was used on most SPL fixtures bar the Rangers fixture as all the clubs tickets are used by package holders. This scheme proved very successful and brought a lot new faces onto our coach. This season we purpose that the family transfer on an adult package can be one adult transfer or two child transfers, allowing a full adult package being used for 21 SPL tickets – 19 Adult tickets and 2 Kids tickets.

Season Tickets and Ticket Distribution: This season the club has season tickets together in area 141 in the Jock Stein Stand and we will be trying to obtain extra tickets for games which will be in demand. The tickets are offered firstly to members within the club who have taken out a full season package, the remaining tickets are then offered to members with 6 game packages and members. In the case where there is not enough tickets to get 6 game package holders to the game the 6 game package holders are ranked depending on the amount of SPL games they have attended that season. Tickets are then offered to members with the same ranking rule applying and then finally to non members.

Away SPL games + Tickets: The Club are taking tickets for as many SPL away games as possible. All members should book in with Martin a month before the game, the travel arrangements should be booked by the member although advice can be given. Tickets are allocated firstly to the full season package holders who have been to the most SPL home games, then to 6 game package holders then to members. The number of tickets allocated to the club depends on the opposition and the importance of the game.

Members Rules & Constitution

Club Constitution

1. The object of the Club shall be to support and uphold the name of Celtic Football Club.

2. The Club shall not support any sectarian or political activities.

3. The Annual Subscription shall be £25 per adult (under-16s free) and shall be paid on attendance at the A.G.M which shall be held not later than 30th June.

4. Prospective new members shall be proposed and seconded by existing members and election shall be decided by Committee.

5. The Club shall hold an AGM and monthly meetings, when all club business shall be transacted.


1. Drink abuse or bad behaviour shall not be tolerated in any fashion. Any breach of this rule could lead to expulsion by the committee.

2. Strictly NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL shall be taken or carried, on the coaches to and from matches.

3. Any member using the Club name for illegal fund-raising or any other purposes shall be expelled immediately.

4. Any member showing lack of interest in the Club faces disciplinary action.

5. All members must accept direction from the committee when attending matches or Club functions.

6. All members must participate in all club fund–raising activities, e.g. Annual Draw

7. All monies must be paid seven days before the game.

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