Leave all your comments here, any craic about the gallery, our new manager or improvements to the site.

Hail Hail.


hail hail

new site

well done good site

all the best

hope everything works out good for the club

almostjazzy from the green brigade board

Best Of Luck

Well done guy`s, site looks great
Bookmarked :)

c'mon the hoops !

Website its looking good , well done lads . Had a look around the photos think a recodnised off the back of one the irish center in manchester that was some nite , shame about the result.

good luck

best of luck lads with the site.

looks crackin.

hail hail

Bona Fortuna

Good luck nice site

all the best to you on your

all the best to you on your new site.

kirkintilloch emerald csc

Great Site

Keep up the hard work. Why is it called Ballymena Shamrock if so many members are from outside B/Mena?

Ballymena Shamrock CSC

The club started off in ballymena and the surrounding area but since others have joined maybe due to their family moving away from the town, having friends and family in other towns and others have joined because of our reputation and prices. lol. We also have members in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cowdenbeath. Hail Hail.

ballymena emerald csc

firstly great site but just to see if anyone would be prepared to sell the older ballymena shamrock tin badge? i will pay a good price if anyone can help hh paul, artur boruc csc glasgow

Fantastic site! found it

Fantastic site! found it through the green brigade forum!

Keep up the good work Bhoys!

Sean Òg.
Inis Eoghain.

Great site

Wishing yous all the best with the site

and thanks again hapster for all you did for me this season


hail hail

from the tyneside no 1 csc.great website bhoys keep up the good work.feel free to have a look at our sites.


Hail,Hail.....Quality website bhoys, puts our wee effort to shame!!

Ramsgate Emerald CSC

yer site

crackin site bhoys

Congratulations on a Brilliant CSC Site

As the heading says congratulations on a cracking site, full of news, and info of all things celtic

C'Mon the Hoops

All At The Charlie Murray CSC Shannon

New website.

Crackin site bhoys n ghirls, very best of luck with it.

monthehoops killie csc

Great Site

Cheers for the link Hapster

Keep up the good work and all the best for your club in the coming season

McGrain (Celticminded)

Green Brigade

recent donation from the Ballymena Shamrock CSC to the Green Brigade is very well appreciated, it will be put to great use.


Good luck with the new

Good luck with the new site.....Hail Hail

Free Derry.

AICSC 11th Annual Charity Dinner July 4th 2009‏

Dinner on in Dublin, the following link provides all the details.

Hail Hail.

Cracking Site

Congratulations on your site lads, best wishes for the summer and looking forward to catching up next season again.

Saltmarket CSC

Gordon Strachan

I would like to thank Gordon Strachan for the fantastic job he did for us as manager. He will be sadly missed!

Gordon Strachan

Guy has left us in a mess, one of the worst rangers teams ever winning the league. Celtic with a very hard task of reaching the champions league and season book sales not going very well. Whoever gets the job will have a hard task getting rid of some of his signings but will also have some good players to work with if he is allowed to keep them. Caldwell has come on very well, Artur is still a top keeper, Hinkel had a great season, add in Aiden,Maloney and skippy along with ODea and co and we will be champions next season !!!

To the Moderator

Congratulations on your new post as Moderator in Ballymena, now hurry up and moderate us

Gordon Strachan

You cant argue with 3 leagues in 4 years and getting into the last 16 of the champions league twice. He has turned caldwell and mcmanus into two top european defenders and naylor has shown signs of improvement. The new manager has a hard act to follow.

Strachan and co

Champions league performance was a lot of last gasp luck and as for Mc Manus who I rate as our worst ever Captain ; there has to be more this season than last . I agree with big Marty , either stay off the sauce or see a shrink .

Gordon Strachan

Michael have you been drinking ? lol.

Once you talked about McManus and Naylor like that you must be on the sauce !!!

New guy coming in has a hard job as their appears to be little money but the saving grace is that Rangers are poor. A new left back and a new captain are a must !!!

Smashing site

Hopefully meet up a few times again next season, keeping an eye on the merchandise section :), site is saved into favourites big fella.

Gary & Louise

Puree leathal site :D Thankx

Puree leathal site :D Thankx for puttin the pictures up marty :D
Hail Hail

Great site Bhoys. No doubt

Great site Bhoys. No doubt will see some of you at a few away games next season. Hail Hail from all the Bhoys in Tir Eoghain No.1CSC

Site looks good Marty.

Site looks good Marty. Hopefully this time next week we will have a new manager and this time next year another League Championship.
Hail Hail.

Great site big guy

Great site big guy

Great website Marty G lets

Great website Marty G lets all hope for a better season next year keep up the good work Hail Hail !!!!!!!!!

Who is this Big Maxie, very

Who is this Big Maxie, very interesting indeed!!

great site, thanks for the

great site, thanks for the tickets for the st.mirren game, hope to meet up with you again next season




Think your talking about wee junior mate, get him in alright but we might not be able to afford him !!!

we have a great csc in

we have a great csc in ballymena that we can all be proud of.this website is a great addition to our club well done to all involved in getting this up and running.keep up the good work that yous are doing. let the people sing!!!

Top class site

Top class site congratulations to everybody involved. just one issue too many photos of mr gilmore

Cheers for the link

Cheers for the link Marty...Good site

Some "Oak" faces in the pics................. is that straight coke in Monty's bottle:-)

Well done lads with the

Well done lads with the website .

Keep up the good work

Hail Hail

Can anyone who is a veggie

Can anyone who is a veggie and goin to the BBQ let Mr Gilmore know !!!!!!!!!

Veggies at the barbie

We are bringing 2 martians, 2 tyroneans and a couple of vegans, if that is any benefit to you

Well done Marty, sites

Well done Marty, sites looking good....Hail Hail

Great site Hapster - Hail

Great site Hapster - Hail Hail

Looks like a good website,

Looks like a good website, cheers for link Martin

Great to see the website up

Great to see the website up and running!! One of the highlights to a poor season!!

Always next year though under whoever the new manager may well be!!


ptt here.

ptt here.

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