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Hail Hail.

Charley & the Bhoys in North antrim

Hi just giving the club A date for your diary
From Scotland , Charlie & the bhoys Live
Sat 23rd Nov @ Mc auleys Bridge Inn , Carnlough .
Please note this is a ticket only event due to capacity restrictions .tickets will be £10 and go sale on Monday 14th October from the bar.
Here's a you tube link to let u see what's in store from the band -


HI bhoys and ghirls - it was great to see your flag in prime position on the tele the other night - took my mind of the game!! I live in spain but will be in ballymena visiting family on the 20th august. Is there anywhere in particular you watch the celts?
Hail Hail! SteveF


hi, my grandmother was born in Ballymena, Albert Street, and emigrated to Glasgow as a young girl. She is now 89 years old, and lives in London, we are proud Celtic supporters, and she amazingly never misses a game on TV. Do you have any memorabilia for sale at all? We saw your flag at the Juve game, and it pleased her to see it, I hope all is good and well, Hail Hail, Andy


Traveled with ballamena shamrock with my son on sat 16 th march great club indeed hail hail


is there any tickets left for saturdays game vs motherwell?

Want to get green brigade

Want to get green brigade scarf but cant get accepted on forun been in 111 for 2 years still hvnt got a scarf were can i get 1

'Who wants to be a Thousandaire'

Hi all members of Ballymena Shamrock Celtic Supporters Club

I am treasurer of Friends of Glenariffe (Oisin CLG) fundraising committee. We are fundraising to assist the build of new clubrooms,community/sports facility at our hurling pitch in Glenariffe (Queen of the Glens!). We are running a 3 hour show called 'Who wants to be a Thousandaire' on Saturday 30th October at 8 pm in the Leighinmohr Hotel in Ballymena. Its a 3 hour show - Fiddler Adams will provide the entertainment, there will be auctions, raffles, spot prizes etc., the game show itself and a disco afterwards. The show brings its own MC - some of the questions will be GAA minded the rest general knowledge. The funding of the show is sale of digital advertising for which our great BSCSC is one of the sponsors. The tickets are £15 each and admits you to the show and the chance to take part with the opportunity to win up to £1000. My good friend Mo Goldring and his wife are going. It promises to be a good night and good craic. I will bring tickets with me to the rangers game on 24th October, there will also be a limited amount of tickets sold at the door. You can book tickets with me on the phone 21771154 or mob 07516791764 if any of you want to go.

Hail Hail

Sheila Burns


Hello everybody in Ballymena,

I am looking forward to see you all in Utrecht next week. Especially Johnny Mccrystal.
I didn't see you for a long time. Almost 20 years ago we went to Amsterdam with
Ballymena Shamrock to go later to the match in Belgium against Germinal Ekeren.

Please let me know if you're coming to Holland to see the match, maybe we can meet.
I'll be going to the match myself.

I wish you all the best in Ballymena,

Guido van Geelen

class site johnny bring it on

class site johnny bring it on this year c'mon the hoops ...."football with out fans is nothing" big jock GAVIN ..THE MARKETS BELFAST

web site

i love the site, love the club, enough said lads......................slán.......................hail hail.......

What a night

Just watched the Riva on video and brought a tear to my eye !! What a guy and what a club !! It was fitting that our club paid tribute to Riva on our big night and it reminded me of why i support Celtic . There is always a reason why u support the Hoops and I am sure we can always remember who introduced us to the Celtic family .
Had a god chat with Tony Scullion who now lives in Ballycastle and I thank his Grandfather who lived next door to me for assisting my Celtic education . My uncle Bruce was there and that was great too and Jazzer was watching fom heaven !!! Hail hail !! I love the hoops

SPOH Charitable Trust

On behalf of the O'Hagan family and committee of the SPOH Charitable Trust we would like to thank the Ballymena Shamrock CSC, especially Marty and William for proposing our charity to be the main beneficiary of their fund-aiser. We very much appreciate the hard work that they put into making the night a great success. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of Ballymena Shamrock and their supporters.
We intend on keeping you all up to date on what is going on, and who is benefiting from your kind donation.
Hail Hail

dinner dance

Brilliant night - to Marty and all the committee a big thanks for organising it Hail Hail !!

R.I.P. Riva

Rest in Peace.

Mark "Bhoy" Molloy.


my god, with his tuppe, singing his elvis songs amoung others.
Many a friday night my girl and i walked him home to ballykeel
from Tommys. Great mems of Riva.
He always made me laugh with the collection plate in
Harryville Capel

celtic wallpapers

thanks for that wiil pick one for my new laptop

Great site

Well done Bhoys

Hail Hail

Cheers for the link up on CM

Love the site Bhoys,keep up

Love the site Bhoys,keep up the good work.

Hail Hail

good site johnny

my wee bhoy found your site very good

Big Liam

Did big Marty G make it home from Hamburg. Great trip and good to meet everyone there!

Good article on Larsson

Enjoyed your first hand account very much. When indeed will we see his like again ?
Maybe next season a new star will arrive.......that's why we support the Bhoys through thick and thin !
R MacVicar

Met you at Paradise

Many thanks to Johnny, who I met a Paradise before the Rapid game and thank you for the badges.
Great website.
Jock Stein CSC

joining your club

to who it may concern i was trying to leave you a email but it is not working could you send me info regarding joining your email is

Here's to the next twenty

Here's to the next twenty years HAIL HAIL DIXIE

great site

cracking site bhoys and girls

great pictures as well, happy to help

Good Site!

Well Done On The Site Guys!

Hail Hail.................

Derry No1 Celtic Supporters Club..


very impressed with website.great work,andy,ballycastle.hail hail

BSCSC Merchandise

hi folks just to let you know i am your clubs contact for your merchandise, i am very priveliged to be associated with your club in this way, i support Liverpool fc myself but as you are all aware we hold each other in very high esteem because of our King Kenny connection. I would like to wish you all associated with BSCSC a very successful season 2009/2010.

cheers Y.N.W.A./Let the people sing

Celtic stories

Good Morning from Glasgow,

Hello my name is Robert Harvey. A few years ago I compiled a book called “ 1,000 Celtic Quotes, Notes, and Anecdotes.”

Every Celtic supporter has a story to tell. I have recently set up a website called Already we have contributions from Celtic supporters in places as far away as South Africa and Australia. Please see the website for the amazing story ( number 7) from the Civil War in Burundi, Africa.

Many of the stories will stick in your mind for a long time.

I would love to hear your favourite Celtic story. Everyone has a unique, funny, or hair-raising story to tell ! - See list below for a few suggested topics.

Can you please forward to any of your friends, family, or work colleagues who are Celtic supporters: Thank You


Celtic stories suggestion list.

· the first Celtic game that you ever attended
· your first night at a European Cup game at Celtic Park under the towering flood lights,
· your first green and white rosette or scarf
· a last minute goal ( for or against)
· a treasured picture
· Milan or Seville or Lisbon or your first Old Firm game
· the funniest comment you have ever heard at a game
· a trip abroad to watch Celtic
· watching a game on a Big Screen in your favourite bar in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia.
· The list is endless………..

Marty G on TV

Hands up if you spotted Antrims newest GAA fan on BBC following their victory over Cavan in the Ulster Semi Final? Apparantly BBC received numerous complaints from viewers, not as you might expect from parents worried about the affect his face had on their children before the watershed but from GAA traditionalists about the big guipe wey the Celtic jersey on...Now as we all know there is always a little conflict between the GAA and the soccer faternity so in an effort to avoid any mishaps after Antrim beat Tyrone I have decided to hold a collection to get big Marty a brand new Antrim jersey for the final...Can anybody willing to contribute to the fund update the guestbook?

Marty G

I have been going to Antrim games for years Bandwagon Bhoy !!!! Over the summer Marty G attends alot of GAA fixtures, what to you see the final to see who jumps on the bandwagon !!!

The celtic jersey its always there as well to wind people up. My Antrim GAA top is in the house somewhere !! lol.

As for the conflict betweeen the GAA and soccer, i think that is all sorted out due to the benefits both organisations get using Croke Park !!!

Semi Final was a great day out, good luck to Antrim in the final !!!

brilliant website.

good to see you`re website,looks brilliant & the photos are great. will keep checking for info especially about your big dance next year. so i can book the hotel room for the weekend.
Hail Hail

love it

good website ballymena shams

wat use think of tony mobray wat BHOY




Ballymena Emerald

Hi shams. I'm very impressed with the new website. I am a former member of the Ballymena Shamrocks, from Carnlough and can remember a time when there were two Celtic clubs in Ballymena. Can anyone remember the shortived Ballymena Emerald club? Did the Emerald members eventually evolve into the Shamrock club? Are there still any Emerald badges about?
I have to agree with Mickey Lennon's views on Gordon Strachan. He was a huge success and gave us Naka, Boruc and Caldwell. I am not convinced Mogga is the right man but I remain faithful thru and thru and will give him my support.
Great website, great club. Keep up the great work.

Strachans was a Joke!

Mr Morgan

Gordon Strachan was a huge success? The football he subjected the supporters to was painful and he had no respect for the Celtic fans whatsoever. He should have done the decent thing and went in January and we could have got another manager in who would have seen JVOH and Samaras for what they are - a waste of space, and it would have been 4 in-a-row. Chris Sutton near the end of his career was ten times better than these pair and when Strachan arrived and he couldn’t get him out the door quick enough.

Steven McManus is not only the worst captain I have ever seen at Celtic but also the worst centre back. I see you mentioned Naka, Boruc and Caldwell. Dont see you mention any of the following numpties: Du wei, Gravesen, Zurawski, Virgo, Samaras, Killen, Dion Dublin, Mo Camara, Evander Sno, Mark Brown, Jiri Jarosik, Massimo Donati, Derek Riordan.........

We had Rangers on their knees in season 08/09 and with better management we would have left them financially crippled come the summer of this year. Their top players would have had to have been sold on to meet their debts. What a position that would have left us in for the forthcoming seasons.

You could blame the Board or you could blame Strachan for this missed opportunity. I wouldn’t have had much faith in him anyway if he had been given funds in January to bring in a striker or a left back that we have needed desperately for a few years now.

Yes he won 3 leagues in 4 years. Paul Le Guen, the worst manager in Rangers' History, handed him one of them and the last one was won because Rangers got to the Uefa Cup Final. Nobody could argue with that.

With regards to the last 16 of the Champions League, last gasp luck and the other results in the group going Strachan’s way was the reason for that.

Martin O'Neill's team would have destroyed what Strachan has patched together over the years.

We are definitely better off without him!

p.s Are you the same Gary Morgan who once scored a hat trick for the mighty Glencloy Swifts?? :) Jock taught you well!!!


Would you take Strachan back now?

great site

my dads family came from ballymena .he left and when he was drunk all we got was the gree hills of antrim , and how much shit they got /so keep the green flag flying high. best csc site i have seen from john bhoy glasgow

Welcome Mogga

Welcome back to paradise Mogga and lets win back the title from rangers once and for all!

Hail Hail the Celts are here


Just flicked through website, absolute quality !

Great website

Hello to all at Ballymena Shamrock,i do like to visit your site from time to time,Keep up the great work!


Hoopy Daze.

Great webby lads, And good luck for next season, keep up the good support.

Hail Hail

I love the website.Some great photos.My brother Brian is a member so its nice to be able to check the site to see how the club is doing.Am hoping that when I am back in Ballymena I can tag along with him again and get to a game.All the best for the close season with high hopes for re-capturing the title next season.Hail Hail.



Date Shown

The date is coming up wrong in this guestbook. Its coming up month/day/year instead of day/month/year.

Just thought I'd point this out.

Hail Hail.

Date Shown

Thanks, will have a look at that, its in US format.

Top KWALITY job!

Well done Shams- the website is top notch! Hope all goes well.

Lets Welcome Mogga and football the 'Celtic way' back at Parkheed!

Big Liam

Glens of Antrim No 1

Great Site Lads

Well done Shams- excellent website all round. Hope all works out well.

Big Liam

Glens of Antrim No 1

Hail! Hail!

Good Luck

All the best with this site bhoys... good too see.

Dornoch from The Green Brigade Forum

Hail Hail


Really like the website.Am interested in a couple of your badges but dont see a field for an e-mail address on the contact page.I can be contacted at so hope to hear back from you.Yours in celtic CLIFF

Hi i love the new website

Hi i love the new website .the reason i am trying to contact you throght the guest book is beacause have been trying to no avail to place a order to buy your club jacket and green badge.I would appreciate if you could get back to me at I have already bought the the other two badges .So i have known of your club for some time.

up the tic,

BSCSC Guestbook

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